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Founder/Task Manager

I'm a world traveler, and a reveler of smiles and warm hugs. I enjoy seeing the light in other's eyes, and l thrive through strength-based conversation and action. My keen sense of wit will help ease others in uncomfortable social situations. Simply put: I'm an extrovert, through and through.

As founder and Task Manager of COVET Programs®, it is my wonderful duty to watch the care, kindness, and compassion unfold as the pilot program commences in Detroit in Autumn of 2021. I will be personally hiring each intern and collaborating with them to help COVET Programs® be the best it can to Create Occupational Value in Extraordinary Times. I personally cannot wait to collaborate with others in the field in assisting me with creating and implementing surveys; making me aware of fantastic resources I may not know about, and vice-versa. 

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